dinsdag 22 december 2015


Scholing in de 21ste eeuw

Kinderen zijn kleine Cosmische Bloemen
Children are little Cosmic Flowers

Looking for room
Waiting to bloom
To embrace the Organic Yoniverse
Ever so unique and diverse

With delicate essence distinct and rare
Singular, exceptional, extraordinaire
Once they have flowered and grown
Each blossom exudes a fragrance their very own

There is a Star hidden in every child
Yearning to come to the fore
Educare brings out this hidden luster
From deep within the Core

Making each Star shine bright
Emitting its own Inner ray of light

Can a plant survive without the Light of the Sun?
Is sunlight of any significance without chlorophyll?
Of what use a life sans values instilled?
Can you get a good yield if the land is not tilled?

Life without ethics is a riverbed minus water
Flowers with no fragrance to mention or refer
A day devoid of the Light of the Sun
A night sky where Stars there are none

A fertile field turned barren due to gross neglect
To the self within total disrespect
A dark and dingy tunnel with no end
Living a life of values helps you transcend
Where you don’t just exist
You begin to Live
Where you don’t remain a mere statistic
Given in to ways materialistic

Saving the world from despair
From a system of learning
That shows how to earn a living
But is devoid of care
To prepare, to make us constantly aware
That's why I pass on my awareness of Educare

If every mother does her share
If every father with intent does spare
Some time for his heirs
If every adult the onus, is willing to bear
If every teacher nurtures this inherent natural flair
Each child will be enveloped with the immense virtues

Of Educare
EDUCARE is beyond space and time

Releasing the hidden potential
Through values essential
If you care for the vital ‘you’
Educare is not only for all children, Educare is for you

Educare reveals a finer you
Educare revels and celebrates
Care for life
Concern for nature
Respect and reverence the Cosmos through
Ethics and values worthy and true

Educare makes the world a better place
Educare is the flow of Living in grace

mascha roedelof

Deze column mag vrij verspreid worden met Bronvermelding 
mas©ha 2016 

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