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Sacred Relation

'Sacred Relation'

Sacred Relation 
In 'Sacred Relation' I take responsibility and ownership for my own part/share in the relation... which is my living together... and I protect my Living Together...

So I 'stand up and speak up' when the Living Together is harmed. We are the ones we have been waiting for and I 'walk my talk'.

When injustice is done I want to clear things up. When injustice is done to the Earth, our Environment, Animals, Plant life, Women, Men, Children... My Living Together... I 'stand up and speak up'.

Communication is the key. Not communicating is a strategy also... and a form of passive aggressiveness.

In relating with each other... in communion with each other... communication and respect are the key...

When my Living Together is harmed, I 'stand up and speak up'. I am a protector of a normal Living Together

I am in a 'Sacred Relation' with Earth, my Environment, Animals, Plant life, Women, Men, and Children.

'Sacred Relation'

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