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Cosmic Tantric Sex (English)

Cosmic Tantric Sex


The Facts about Cosmic Tantric Sex its Universal Benefits and how they can Embed the Normal Living Together on Earth 
Sex sells. There are multiple international industries, and their advertising agencies, to prove it. They all ignore one aspect to this subject because it's totally fulfilling, available to everyone everywhere (under the right conditions), 100% guaranteed, completely free and will therefore put them out of business.

Would you want to know what this one aspect is? Then go on reading for a few minutes and I'll tell you how to get more pleasure from 'The Cosmic Love and Life' than you've ever experienced before. I'm calling this 'activity' 'Cosmic Tantric Sex', because that's exactly what it is, our physical union with 'The Source Force' that creates and moves everything perfectly including us.

It's the one physical coupling vital to all of the rest of the relationships in our brains, our bodies, our society and our environment.The effects have been proved to fully energize us, which fully unfolds our Nuclear DNA Codes from inside, producing physical wholeness in bodies and brains.

If we're not experiencing its real, live pulsations on a moment-to-moment basis, it's then that everything else, on every physical (which includes mental and emotional) level, eventually just 'breaks up'.

Cosmic Tantric Sex is not for those who want to stay in lust
Understand that Cosmic Tantric Sex is not for those who want to stay in lust. You'll find them making use of all of the other industries. It's for 'hard-core' seekers,  because there's nothing casual, nothing disconnected, about this experience.

Union on all levels
It unites us so deeply on all of the levels most people are terrified to even know exist, much more actually experience, that those who are faint of heart (and everything else within) run away from this union screaming.
So if something this completely interactive isn't what you're looking for, you should turn back now and return to all of the other, lower imitations that leave brains and bodies, their societies and environments total weaklings, because its sucking your Life Force Energy.
It's the much degraded state in which all of the international industries and agencies (not just the sex-related ones) want everyone to remain, because it makes their 'players' great repeat 'payers' for all of the propaganda and wares being sold to them.

Emptiness is the name of their game and personal unfulfillment is their gain. Those ripped off by this scam get only left with plenty of pain.
Now that I've made that fact clear, I'm presuming only the hard-core readers are left at this point. So I'll continue explaining how Cosmic Tantric Sex enhances every part of our beings, inducing such real, physical feelings of bliss that Life itself becomes The Lover its couples mutually experience inside and outside of everything.
To do so, I'll refer back to the time when this was the only kind of physical union experienced by everyone and everything, everywhere, all over the Earth. It was simply the physical coupling of 'The Creative Source and The Creative Force' moving as, in, for, and through everyone and everything, in the entire Organic Universe.

The Whole Cosmos, also known as the Organic Universe and The Matrix, was constantly connected. The Power of these activities 'Rocked The World' with slow and gentle waves of pleasure in every different time and space, the same here as all over Infinity. The effects composed (in both senses of that term), cultivated, cleansed and controlled all that we call 'Matter' and 'the space in between'.

The Matrix is the Womb of ALL Matter, She is Life Giving... She is Mother Nature, the Organic Universe, which includes the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine forces.
One could even call it 'one, continuous sexual orgy', but it was much more than that. It was a completely sensual erotic experience with our entirely 'Sacred Nature'. Highly sensitive interactions typified this Life. It was the sole physical method by which everything was created and motivated.
The physical Love of The Matrix was literally felt throughout Her entire physical Being, which also included the physical flesh of Her people.

Think not that this is just some tale of 'dumb-coupling', like those made famous in blonde jokes and Evolutionary Theory. On the contrary, it was Infinite Intelligence filling all things with itself through the ultimate height of Intimate Integration.
Their ecstasies gave Infinite insight in to 'all matters', the same as now witnessed in Mother Nature's wild animals. They need no teachers of 'Cosmic Tantric Sex' to get into, and experience, its flow of sensual intelligence, because they aren't the ones who became disconnected from it.

Our species is the only one who became that ignorant
I use that descriptor, instead of stupid, because this wasn't something people did willfully in the beginning. It was forced on them by all of the ancestors of the aforementioned international industries / agencies. I know this because it's written all over both their Religious and Secular His-story. When you look into the story of the Indian people and their intruders from the 'United Kingdom' you will find this truth also: in the times of the Vedics Tantra was sacred and (w)holy and those deeply understood the profound Essence of this all.
'The Creative Source' of 'The Creative Force' was obvious to them, as was the way to disempower Her, because they (the English for example) too had 'The Intelligence' freely given  by The Matrix and therefore knew exactly how to abuse and misuse that physical Power and us.
Cosmic Tantric Sex comes from physical union with the Infinite Electromagnetic Field of The Cosmos pulsating as in for and through our brains, our bodies, our societies and the Earth's Environment. 
They are known as Life Force Energy, Sexual Energy, Chi, Qi, Prana, Intuition... Their vibrations give us heightened senses, which then actually have the ability to make perfect sense of everything. Their intentions and activities are pure pleasure to experience in every physical way, shape, form, and area.
Therefore, the way to reverse all of this perfect pleasure and block access to the direct knowledge induced by it into all of creation was to intend and practice the exact opposite. So disconnection was violently forced on others as the most simple way to cause it.

Civilization and domestication were invented to prolong ‘The Wheel of Suffering
Rape based on wrong conceptions (of every mental, emotional and physical sort) was then imposed thereby weakening entire populations. The Matrix was replaced with man-made information. (Electrosmog qualifies as the same false pulsations.) The resonances it in-gendered in brain, body, society and environment severed the physical union between 'The Love and Life Field' and humans causing all manner of pain and confusion.
The physical effects then rippled down (genetically) through each successive descendant, multiplying the damages we experience now physically living and moving in and around us. Their sensations won't stop until people return to their ‘First Love and Life' and the conceptions caused by physically coupling with Mother Nature’s perfect Intents and Effects. The Cosmic Tantric Sex that results really is 'Mind-Blowing'. It cleanses us of all of our physical impurities and replaces everything we were wrongly taught with the Infinite Bliss of  Biological Reality. This experience was, and is, called a Kundalini Rising. 

The new creations that result from this coupling are nothing short of physically perfect.

Beyond lust
So if you're not in lust anymore and still want to experience hard-core Cosmic Tantric Sex you'll do as all of the Ancient Mystics said. You'll leave the rape of civilization and return to the wild. Then immerse your self, and your cells, in its Sacred motivation based on nothing else but purely sensual intelligence.
Once you experience Love and Life this Infinitely Ecstatic in Whole for brain, body, society, and all Earthly Environments, you'll never go back to ignorance and its weakening conditions that are now 'The Standard of Living and Coupling' with all that pollutes our existence.

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